By looking at Sian Davies Work I have liked how she captures the two very different lives of her two daughters. The life a one year old leads is very innocent and unknown as that of her other daughter who is 16. Just starting out as an adult, shaking away the childish things and learning where you fit in the world. 

I want to work out how to move on from my second year project based around my sister turning 18. She found this disappointing and a let down. But now almost a year later how she doesn’t see that she has to take responsibility, that she thinks it’s her time to let people down. As I have found out so far shooting having had her cancel time after time. 

How do I show that lack of interest and her in my work while maintaining that she is there? But I need to show theAbsence of her for the shoots she isn’t there for so it builds a narrative.  


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