Through her eyes. 

I continued to struggle with trying to find the link between me and my sister and how to show this. 

I was left a blank memory card and a lot of frustration. Our opinions and views have changed so much in this last year and it’s had me wondering how does she see things now. I decided one day when visiting her new flat that I’d take a couple of photos. And then I would ask her to take them. 

It was interesting  to watch her. As you see in this image she was capturing the most random of things. And as I recall this was a dead fly on her windowsill! But was to funny not to photograph as she put it. She took photos of little things around her flat nothing really important per say. But it was little things she liked and wanted me to have the image of. 

I can see the obvious difference between what I took and what she took. I just find it a nice change in the work I did over Christmas. 

I see this young girl who to me is still 5 years old. And capturing her in this more grown up environment really for what has been two years on and off. The change I can start to see in my work is amazing in her. 


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