Reflecting back…

Looking back to my first shoot and how the work has evolved from my initial ideas has left me feeling stuck on where to take it. I started of with wanting to look at the ideas of becoming the perfect image.

I started off with this over-sexualised shoot in which I tried to capture the body in a desirable way, it left me thinking what really is the perfect body shape. Which in turn is a very controversial everyone has a different view on this subject.

So with this work I asked my model what she had thought, and these are my two favourites from the shoots. I like the confidence that can be seen coming through in my images which also left me happy with my work. It is very different work from what I am used to and comfortable so as a first shoot I was proud of my work.

The model I used I have also used in past work and seeing the change in her as she has both grown in age and confidence has been interesting to see and document as I will talk about in my next blog post.

It is now a matter of finding the link between both my studio work and location to see how I can show this new chapter in her life as my final project. I will be experimenting with books and archival images from the past to show the growth and how although unknown to me a project that has been ongoing for the last few years. As I feel linking all my work together will show the correlation in my work form both this year and the previous.


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