The archive of Jess

Looking back through my old work from the last few years I realise that my sister Jess is always a model I have come back to.

I have seen such a change in her as I have photographed her, I have visuals to refer back to showing how she has grown over the course of my years at University. The confidence that originally was not there can be seen throughout my work as we have grown both in front of the camera and behind it.

I have experimented in many different scenarios to see what has worked best with her. And really from after the first time she has thrived in front of camera, gaining more and more confidence each time. Originally I would use Jess as a go to as she loved coming into the studio and modelling as was something new and different for her.

As my work went on I started using her more and in my second year had to create a narrative and thought what better than my sister’s 18th, she was experiencing so much more in a variety of ways and changing everyday on the build up to this day. I liked how i recorded this as gone was the young girl who was camera shy in the first work I did with her. Now she was aware that I would be taking photos but let me no matter what the situation knowing I wanted to capture her at her realist.

She can be seen to be changing in a continuous manner through the photographs, which really made perfect sense to round of my degree with using her in my final major project. She being the most constant thing I have photographed over the duration now can be used to archive and show the maturity that comes through. And my relationship to her becomes apparent through my work, which has been a long struggle for the past few months. So looking at in this format has brought to light the main concerns for demonstrating her change and our relationship.


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