Who she is…

I have been looking at Jess outside of the studio as another way of incorporating the real her into my work.  As my studio work was turning into an idealistic form of who she wants to be, not who she is. So I have categorised my work down to who she was, and she wants to be and who she really is. This development has helped my work a lot as now I can see a clearer structure to the work.

So this work I did in her home and my own. I wanted to capture her as she is in the comfort of her own environment. And now that she is in her first flat with her partner it gave me an opportunity to show the change she is going through. Now with her own sense of Independence and the maturity of her living situation coming through in my photographs.

I handed the camera over to her a couple of times to see what she would take, and she liked to focus on little things around her flat. But through that she caught time and death as a symbol. The idea her life at this stage is ever changing as one chapter ends another begins instantly, time is of little consequence to her everything is moving at a thousand miles an hour.

When I compare her now to how she has been the similarities are getting fewer. Although she is the same person she looks more grown up and confident than ever.


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