Dummy books in the making.

As I am still in my testing phase of what images I want to include. I have very few definite images that I am fully dedicated to at this stage. So I have been testing different images and sequences to slowly work down my images.

I started off with a 42 image edit then down to a 20 just to see how it worked. My trouble is at the moment is that i have more images in some sections than in others which is creating a bit of a problem when it comes to balance. And for this book I feel I will need a balance or at least my non-idealistic sections to bare the same weight. With the idealistic section smaller but more complex.

In the next few weeks I am aiming to make more dummy books and narrow my images down to a final 60 then work from there on what will make the final print. I realise this will be difficult decision as there are images that I am attached too but do not fit in the sequence I am wanting to make.

However this exercise of putting my books together gave me an insight to the work coming together. For months I have been worried about joining the dots. And seeing the work in the book format did give me clarity that it really is coming together after all.


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