Research into Trish Morrissey.

This photographer looks at family album style photographs. They are from a bygone era the days of family albums seem to be behind us. I like how Morrissey has recreated this now retro style.

I find her work inspirational as it looks how a family album should look, holidays to the beach the accidental hand in front of the lens. It is all typical of what you would find in the album from when you were like 5!

She is almost representing the time gone past I look at her images and although strangers I get the feeling of nostalgia. We really are losing out as great as instant sharing of images is. We have lost the materialistic side, we don’t make family photo albums anymore.  But even in a digital social media based world she has gone in using film and carried on making the type of photographs a lot of us will miss.

So from her work with some of my own photographs I have tried to make them photo album related. As I feel like parts of my work need this family snapshot style to them, the not perfect but clearly from a family album feel to them. As there really is not enough family albums anymore!


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