Research into Aisha Zeijpveld

I really like this photographers work, the colours and post production on it are great. Just how she has taken a standard portrait and added colour and effects to turn it into something surreal and abstract. They haven’t been edited within an inch of their lives just simply but differently.

I have looked at this photographer because of my work looking at ideal body image. Although she takes an average looking body and almost breaks it down. She adds a flaw like the crack in the girls back or hair looking like it has been on fire. She is the contrast to my work. As I want to accentuate the perfection in my images instead of perfecting it and inserting flaws. I feel like she has thought about ever detail even down to the colour. The use of quite calming pastel colors almost make the flaw stand out more and look angry in comparison. Making the flaw the literal crack in the photograph.


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