Research into Andrew Curtis.

This photographer captures the saddest part of daily life today. That we are all glued to our phones at any given time. He has presented them in almost a commercial style, they look like they are intended for an advertisement of some kind.

He has photographed a series of images that show people caught up in there own virtual world that only exists in their phones and not in reality around them. We seem to forget that there is a world moving around us and concentrate on how we can get big in the world on our phones. And this sequence shows how in pretty  much every environment we are can find someone who will be this absorbed into the world. Although the work is repetitive it captures just how many of us do this and how common it is. The fact the location changes makes it interesting to see the environment the people are in when they are scrolling through their phone.

I can relate this to my work as I have so many photos of Jess sat on her phone. From it lighting up with a new notification to her even sat mid studio shoot with it. It really looks at how often people need to have their phones in their hands. Like even Jess has to constantly look at her phone and know whats occurring in the land of Facebook and Instagram it is a virtual epidemic!!


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