Research into Rineke Dijkstra.

I like this work because she has allowed her subject to be in their environment. In most of the images anyway. She looks at the raw person in the comfort of themselves. From one girl at the beach to a new mother holding her newborn baby. Can clearly tell there is no discomfort in her photographs from her models. She picks a subject matter and works with the subject not against it which is clear by her images she produces.

Even work that isn’t often seen she has gone  in and showed the other side. For example with the soldier this isn’t what you would expect, but she used her own experience and knowledge to influence her work. and show the real person behind the uniform.

I have liked her work because she shows you can do a portrait without a studio and fancy set ups. That there is no need to make a model pose in a certain way, to just let them be as natural as they wish to be. Which is how I have tried to capture my model outside of the studio. I want to capture the most normal side of her that isn’t influenced by how she thinks she should be in a photograph but how she wants to be.


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