Research into Ian Whitmore.

I have looked at this photographer because like me he has done the more everyday stuff. His work however I find a lot brighter and more set up than mine. All the colours are a lot more calming to look at. The fact he has staged the work with models in makes me feel like he is trying to add a narrative.

I like how he has carefully placed the models in his work in such a way that I want to start guessing the story I feel unfolding in the images. Yet the work almost feels clinical to a certain degree, just the framing of the images nothing feels to cluttered but almost perfectly set up.

Which is a total opposite to my work I find. As my work has no set up images. I take the photographs in the moment when I think they look right. And because of beautiful British weather my work is often dark or in a slightly cluttered family home. Both his still life and portrait work I find have a surreal quality to them, whereas mine stay as ordinary to daily life as they can.


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