Discovering the title of Like Yesterday.

The title has been troubling me for as long as I can think of. And it has taken so many revises to get it right. It turns out it is a disaster at first, the ridiculous names that I thought of at the time. Wether I was joking or being serious I could not believe some of the ideas I was coming out with. But like watching the work develop the title develops to.

I had no solid idea I was getting ideas from memoirs of Jess to The models Degree… all terrible and unfitting really. I kept asking tutors and friends for any ideas and panicking that a title was not coming to me. It is a lot of trial and error and even more panic that it will forever be known as Untitled.

It really only became apparent after giving Jess twenty questions about the project and looking at what words or combination of words represented what she was feeling. She felt so many things over this project and the two things that stuck out to me were Body confident and Nostalgic..

I was unsure which one to work with first but though this is really a time lapse in photos, so I started with nostalgic. I started and finished with Synonyms, which in itself started a whole other list of words and phrases and more elimination for me. But really it was the like yesterday that stuck for me.  I have felt myself saying was only yesterday a lot at the moment. It has only been five minutes since Jess was saying goodbye to me after coming with my parents to move me into halls. And seeing these photos come together I have found it difficult trying to work out how little she looks in photos from only a couple of years ago, especially when it does not even feel that long.

So this title I find is perfect and it fits so well with my sequence.


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