Photo book research

I have been looking around at different companies to print my book, I have a lot to consider as I need a book with durability. Both websites provide printing and binding services as I have found. But it is a question of best quality I need a photo book that will with stand the exhibition, I need to remember that a lot of people will be looking through my book. And I want it to give to family after the exhibition.

I also want really good quality paper for my images. Because of the type of work I have been doing only good quality paper will do my work justice.

The next thing to think about is cost and time of production, I have the problem that student means reliant on finance, which doesn’t match up with the times to make the work and get it delivered. Which has been some cause for concern, but I think my work will look best and hopefully fingers crossed withstand exhibition the most with Blurb. They have the best reviews for their printing which is even used by industries.


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