Interim Exhibition.

This Interim exhibition presented some problems. After meeting with my tutor only a couple of hours before and changing my project slightly. So I printed out a collection of photos I liked. So I played with the idea of a standard studio image a home based one and an idealistic image. From my exhibition I have realised I need to think about my statement and title.

My statement was a rushed one as I wasn’t sure what I wanted to say after realising my project had changed a little. So I know that I want to work out a proper statement with Jess, this project after all is a collaboration between the two of us. And I want that to show in many aspects of the work.

I did get some good feedback on this piece, it was really liked by quiet a few. Talking about the work in class however did raise a few problems to my attention. The third print we can see that does not fit the full frame will be a challenge. I did not think about the size I cropped it down to when I was editing. So for that reason I need to go back and resize it and then check it to size in A1. So I need to think about test prints in bigger sizes to make sure I don’t lose quality.

Another thing to consider is paper type and layout. So in the coming weeks I have a trial and error process to work through to find out what paper types and format will work for my final exhibition. So my next thing is resizing and paper types to consider…