Wrapping up with Jess

Now coming up to my last shoot for this project and Uni I feel totally mixed. On one hand I feel I could easily shoot for another couple of years and continue with the Uni life not ready for it to be over and responsibilities to start. But on the other hand it has been great being able to pull all my work together and show how much she has changed. And finally get uni over with as much fun as it has been. I feel ready to see it go now.

And in a way I have. I feel like You see this timid little girl at the start of my work when I was a scared fresher myself just learning to live on my own without my mum! And as the work progresses can see how Jess grows and how my work has also changed with it.

No longer are we the people from first year. Which is leaving me nostalgic and sad to see both this project and both the people we have been go with it. It has been a tough project and shooting with Jess over the last few years. From one problem to another we have slowly always managed to get the work done. Though this year I like how much more confident she has become and that has allowed us to push the boat out on what we can do. Also that we have collaborated a lot more so this project is as much hers and mine.

But now a handful of weeks from the end, it really is hitting home that my degree is pretty much at an end. Making me dread this final upcoming shoot with Jess. Although one last studio session with her now she is so confident and daring with so many of her own ideas seems like a great way to end it. Will be sad to never get her into a studio again where she thrives so naturally now.

After this point, then the last hard part is up to me. To narrow down all the photos I have been collecting. And show Jessica’s almost full circle during my time at Uni now as this young beautiful women she has turned into.


Research into Aisha Zeijpveld

I really like this photographers work, the colours and post production on it are great. Just how she has taken a standard portrait and added colour and effects to turn it into something surreal and abstract. They haven’t been edited within an inch of their lives just simply but differently.

I have looked at this photographer because of my work looking at ideal body image. Although she takes an average looking body and almost breaks it down. She adds a flaw like the crack in the girls back or hair looking like it has been on fire. She is the contrast to my work. As I want to accentuate the perfection in my images instead of perfecting it and inserting flaws. I feel like she has thought about ever detail even down to the colour. The use of quite calming pastel colors almost make the flaw stand out more and look angry in comparison. Making the flaw the literal crack in the photograph.