Thinking about my future…

In the last couple of months I have played with the idea of doing my MA. I have people at my work even who work full time that are working their own MA in to their routine. I haven’t been happy with my degree coming to an end. My original plan was to do another completely different degree in a year or so, but I found out that I would not be able to get the funding. Which I am gutted about.

But doing my final project has had me thinking about going on with my education. I do want to take at least a year out to work and be sure it is what I want to do. I have looked at what is required and I feel that I could do it. I would like to in the future go on to work in art or photography, as doing my PGC has also occurred to me as I do have a lot of options.

But it does mean a lot to me to try and stay close to my degree as hard as it is to get into a good job in art and photography.


New job

Recently I have got myself a new job with an upcoming company called Perform Group. I now work as a freelance transmission controller, that pretty much means I transmit live sports to the website the company works with called DAZN.



It means that I now have a graduate job with career prospects before I have even graduated, which I know I am very lucky to have. Because the company is relatively new means it is at the stage where it is growing fast. There are a  lot of possibilities and new changes coming for my job, regardless of of freelancer of full timer. At the moment the company goes out to both Germany and Japan, and is branching out to more countries in the near and far future.

I have had to learn the transmission side of things and how to use all the new programmes that come with the job. But being almost fresh out of uni going into a new  company has it’s advantages. It has meant that I am eager to learn and adapt to new ways of working. I also haven’t done anything like this before so they can train me to how they want. I do feel I have potential to go further in this job and in the future I would like too. And the job also gives me experience to be able to work in transmissions anywhere now. Which gives me flexibility when I think about the future.

Thinking about what’s next…

One thing third year comes with besides the worry of the dreaded dissertation and final project/ exams is what’s next?! All you get asked is what are you doing when you graduate?

Honest answer- celebrating!! Usual answer- not a clue!! What they want us to say- I have it all mapped out and here’s the diagram to prove it!!

As nice as it would be to have no student over draft, a job and perfect house to move into.. truth is it doesn’t happen for many. My mum has been asking for months so what you doing and my answer if moving back in hasn’t been her ideal answer. It was only recently that I managed to get out of one dead end job and land a good one!! Is it anything to do with my degree well.. no it really isn’t. But is it pretty much a graduate job I say yes.

BUT all that aside what is really the perfect answer to the big question of what next… Personally I don’t want to think about what is next. My main concern has been and will be till my deadline is how am I gonna fit all this work in before it is due to a passable quality!! That really should be the answer, when I have a clue we will answer the question.

The idea of what do we do next is terrifying, I mean we joke about it amongst ourselves but really anyone who says they have it 110% together is totally lying to themselves and everyone around them haha. Like no one can tell you anything that will chill you out, recently my partner tried the cliche one chapter ends another begins and we talk about all the stuff we want to happen in the future. Which does occasionally calm you down when you think about all the stuff you can go on and do.

We eventually work out even a draft plan and idea of it can get you through, but it is really like how you’ve got through the past 3 years just wing it and hope for the best!!

Guest speaker- Sophie Abbott

Last week we had another guest speaker on Skype.We had an Ex-course student Sophie Abbott who now works as a retoucher for Boohoo talk to us about her career. She talked to us about interview skills and to imagine being the interviewer, put ourselves in their shoes. How would we want someone to stand out and then do it yourself.

Always try in an interview to have both a digital and paper copy of an images you want to look prepared and also helps in case of any coffee spill mishaps! It also helps as usually she says that there can be two interviewers so helps that they can both have a copy to view, instead of an awkward wait while one finishes looking. And always keep it relevant which led to her CV… She says how she got told like we did to make this creative looking one that is all bright and out there. But in the real world she says it did not get looked at. She changed hers to a standard one and started actually getting responses back and taken more seriously.

She said we need to be confident in what we do know and learn what we don’t. Always save in RAW files and Jpeg if you can, no one wants sending a massive RAW file or can even open it. Save work ideally as TIFFs and try send them as that as well. Jpegs are ok but the Tiff is what is the preferred format to send work in as or save as.

Some of the last advice was to always try stay interested in your work and make use of the studios we have. Keep a story to your work don’t leave it without a narrative. Now that Sophie is out in the industry all she does is retouching and now wishes she had access to the studio as much as we do now. That we will never have the same resources freely available to us as we do now. And to constantly keep on top of social media as that is where it is at now. We must keep linked in with the work we want to take part in ad what interests us so we always know what is happening.

I found her talk very interesting. She has been in our shoes as a student worried what the next step will be. She sat where we did wondering where we go from the brick wall we often hit with our work. And that to me helped here was someone who has really been there and done that.