Project Re-Write…

After my recent tutorial my project has been thrown out. And now am left confused as to what my project is really about now. My tutor after seeing my work for many months and knowing what it is about decided he did not like what the work was about anymore.

The idea of who she was, who she wants to be and who she really is now isn’t the basis for the work. But rather now I am to play with the ideas of too many photos of Jess like capturing her in every way. Or break it down into images she both likes and hates and then ones I like and hate. Which to me is going to get repetitive as we have very similar taste in the images.

So going to my second tutorial with my other tutor I spoke about the problems I was having. And had narrowed down my Images with approximately 5 images from shoots I have done so far. This brought my images down to 64.. Not the ideal amount. And then to be told to get rid of half of them again.

To me I feel like I am wasting my images, which I know isn’t the case as even I would not want to look at a 400 page edit. That would be mad, I just realise I have to be critical and get rid of images that won’t help me in anyway. Just because I like the image does not mean it will fit into the sequence.


Research into Viviane Sassen.

More recently this photographer has popped up on my radar. With me introducing more colour into my work I wanted to know who else was out there that does it in a similar way. That is when I found Sassen through a meeting with my tutor.

I love her unique use of colour. It isn’t your standard portrait she also looks at the profile of her subject. Taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary. Using such bold colours in contrast to her models could be seen as controversial but she makes them beautiful.

I have been looking at her work because of my use of colours I liked how I can take inspiration from her work. I can see what I have done with my work and develop it in new bold ways. That are also unique and show contrast to my model. I want to be able to create something that stands out with it’s colour but makes you question what your looking at.